About Us

Founded in 2005 by Sherrie Neves, Models Inc. Talent Agency has earned a strong reputation building relationships with leading players in the industry. Before forming her own agency, Sherrie not only worked as a booker and the head of the fit model division for two separate agencies, she also fostered the modeling and acting careers of her two now grown children. After taking some time away to work in the corporate world, Sherrie realized that her passion was for this industry and decided to open Models Inc Talent Agency. The experience with her children on set and her experience booking talent has given Sherrie a firsthand view of clients’ needs, which created a great foundation to build her agency.

At Models Inc Talent Agency, our agents work together with our clients in every facet of the entertainment industry, including Commercial, Print,Theatrical, Modeling, Lifestyle, Fashion, Film and Digital Media. In the past three decades we have booked talent on films and shows with multiple Emmy Nominations and have had the privilege of fostering their careers throughout the years! 

Models Inc Talent Agency represents Babies, Kids, Teens, Adults, and Seniors of all ethnicities and sizes.

-­ Jeremiah 29:11


In 2005 Sherrie was dealt with the decision of either going back to corporate America or pursuing her own dreams of being a business owner. At the time, she was a single mother and chose to take the leap of starting Models Inc. Thankfully she has not looked back since.

Just as she pursued her dream, she wanted to give talented individuals the opportunity to pursue and achieve their dreams in the marketing and entertainment industry.

Her philanthropic efforts include multiple charities geared toward those in need. Since the inception of Models Inc, Sherrie has learned that giving back and using your income to shop from businesses that also support organizations and causes that have a bigger impact was a new goal of hers. Together we can go farther with our efforts of helping others than we ever could.

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